Lily Menominee-Batise

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Luc Murray

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Melanie Verreault

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Melanie is an accomplished professional with diverse managerial experience. Since the late 1990s, Melanie has excelled in management positions within the private/public sectors. Melanie has been a part-time faculty member with...

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Renée Maisonneuve

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Sarah Campbell

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Sarah is the Dean for Health Sciences & Emergency Services Programs Northern College.  She has worked for the College for several years, and previously worked for the Solicitor General of Canada.   Sarah has worked in Ottawa and...

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Dr. Sonal Zilka

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President of Medical Staff

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Yves Poitras

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Yves was born and raised in Timmins.  Following his postsecondary education, he returned to Timmins where he lives with his wife Natalie and their two sons.  He has been an educator and has worked with students from early childhood to...

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Dr. Yves Raymond

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Vice President of Medical Staff

Born and raised in Kapuskasing, Dr. Raymond completed his bachelor of Science in Physics and his MD at the University of Ottawa. He completed his residency at McGill University and moved to Timmins where he has worked as a family...

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